Strategic Account Manager

This well known provider of SaaS focused on mobile applications had been looking for the right caliber of individual to manage a number of well known, global brand accounts. Identifying potential candidates through an existing network within competing companies, we were able to fill this requirement within 3 weeks

Senior Consultants

Highly specialized skill set focused around Microsoft infrastructure technologies for remote positions working with large clients (20,000 users and above) on large-scale projects and implementations. On-going project. 3 placements made

using our experience to deliver the best. every time.

About Us

VP Eastern US Sales

Working with Senior Management for this fast-growing software vendor, the aim was to identify 3 top performing candidates quickly. Search completed in 4 weeks.


Recent Searches

Regional Sales Director

This start up organization has some very compelling technology which will change perception of buyers in the BSM space. An RSD for the West Coast (first on the ground) was required and we were able to source someone with specific technology exposure and a track record of sales success within the geography. 1 resume submitted, 1 hire made. Completed in 3 weeks.

Comprehensive market knowledge


Our team has over 20 years' experience of working with a broad range of companies across the US and European markets.

Not only does this experience provide knowledge, it also provides an active network of both active and passive candidates.

Continually researching and mapping the organization charts of companies, we are able to pinpoint and engage with rising starts, ensuring we are on hand when they decide to make a move, or are open to hearing about superb opportunities.

Our Services

retained search

This remains our number one service. Working with committed clients we are able to plan our approach, effectively map out timescales and deliver as needed. Thorough and exhaustive research is conducted, the identified individuals are then approached, assessed and submitted should they meet the criteria.


02. volume expansion

Working with clients who are in start-up mode, in many instances, the client leader is busy working on generating interest and rarely has the time to engage multiple recruiters across multiple disciplines. With experience across sales, marketing, professional services, education, support and operations, we can cover all the ground, delivering a consistent message to the candidate community and maximizing our clients' time.


03. exclusive or contingency

Success-based recruiting. Clients instruct us on their needs and requirements and we target individuals within our network who might be suitable for the position and be interested in furthering their careers.